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    Steps to Obtaining a Criminal Record Expungement NJ 

    Steps to Obtaining a Criminal Record Expungement NJ 

    We all make mistakes in life. However, for some, these mistakes have lifelong consequences. Being charged or convicted of a crime can have a lifelong impact on your life. You may have to pay a large fine, imprisonment, the loss of your driver’s license, the suspension of your professional license, and even the inability to vote. Your charges will appear on your criminal record which will affect various aspects of your life including finding housing or employment. 

    The good news is that the law provides you with the opportunity to have your charges hidden from the public. The following are steps you can take to have your criminal record expunged. 

    Determine whether you are eligible 

    Whether or not your record can be expunged will depend on your charges. There are some charges that can be cleared immediately while others can only be cleared after several years of waiting. There are also others that cannot be cleared. Discuss the details of our case with an experienced attorney to determine your eligibility. 

    Gather the documents you need 

    The process of getting your records expunged begins with submitting an expungement petition. Preparing this petition will require various documents such as your arrest record, court papers, and other records. An experienced attorney can help by reaching out to the concerned offices and gathering all the information you need to build a strong case. 

    The documents required for your case will include:

    • Copies of your legal records including court records 
    • Your petition for expungement 
    • Completed verification page 
    • An application for Certification in Further Support of Petitioner’s Expungement 
    • A request for early pathway expungement if you are requesting early clearing
    • Order for Hearing 

    Submit your application 

    Ensure y our application is filled out completely and that it meets the requirements of the law. You can then submit this petition to the concerned Criminal Case Management Office. Be sure to make multiple copies of the application in case one gets lost. Two copies should be listed at the address that is listed for your county. 

    Attend the hearing 

    After the court evaluates your application, they will send one copy of the petition back to you with a note to say that it has been filed. You will be provided with a date and time for your hearing on The Order Hearing document. Be sure to attend the hearing if it is required. If you are required to attend the hearing, bring your green return receipts with you to court. If you are not required to attend, you can mail them to the court in advance. 

    Serve the expungement order 

    If your application is approved, you will need to send copies of your expungement order to: 

    • The Attorney General 
    • The Expungement Unit of the State Police 
    • The prosecutor in your county 
    • The court clerk or magistrate in your court 
    • The chief of police 
    • The warden of the jail where you were jailed 

    You may also need to file your expungement order with the probation department in your county as well as the Division of Criminal Justice. 

    Expungement can be a lengthy and involving process. Contact us to consult with an experienced attorney and get started with the expungement process. 

    Contact an Experienced Cherry Hill Expungement Lawyer About Your Records Being Expunged in New Jersey

    Were you arrested or charged with a crime in NJ? Having charges on your record can have long-term consequences. That is why you need to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible about getting your record expunged.

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