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Driving While Suspended

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South Jersey Defense Lawyer for Driving While Suspended

New Jersey Defense Lawyer Determined to Defend Clients Accused of Driving on a Suspended License in Camden County, Burlington County and Throughout the State of NJ

Many of us rely upon our ability to drive a personal motor vehicle as our primary form of transportation.  Because of this, it can understandably be tempting for many people to test their luck and attempt to drive when facing a suspended license in Cherry Hill—often based upon the mistaken believe that as long as you don’t commit another infraction while driving while suspended, the consequences will be minimal.  Unfortunately, driving while suspended is illegal and the penalties for driving without a valid driver’s license in New Jersey can be severe simply based upon the fact that you drove with a suspended license—meaning that you do not have to be found committing another traffic violation to be punished for driving while suspended.

Facing Charges For Driving On A Suspended License? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

At Gelman Law, LLC, our skilled criminal defense lawyer understands that many people make the mistake of driving while suspended for honest reasons, such as to keep your job or take your children to school.  In some cases, your license may even be considered “suspended” because you forgot to renew it or left it at home. Our skilled defense team has extensive experience fighting for the rights of clients who have received a traffic ticket for driving while suspended in New Jersey.  We will help guide you through the legal process and put all of our substantial resources to work in order to build the strongest possible defense to obtain the best outcome in your case.

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Penalties for Driving While Suspended in New Jersey

Your driver’s license may be suspended for any number of reasons under New Jersey law, including for:


Eluding a Police Officer





In reality, once your driver’s license has been suspended, the penalties for driving while suspended are based upon the number of times you have been caught driving while suspended, and those penalties can also be influenced by the reason your license was suspended in the first place.  For example, in addition to facing additional points on your driving record, the basic penalties for driving while suspended in New Jersey are:

However, if your driver’s license was initially suspended or revoked because of a DWI/DUI conviction or certain insurance violations, your jail sentence may be increased substantially—to upwards of 90 days.  Further, if you cause an accident that injures another person when you are driving while suspended, you could face up to 180 days in jail.

Caught Driving While Suspended in Camden County?  You Need a Skilled Defense Lawyer in Your Corner to Minimize the Consequences

At Gelman Law, LLC, we fight to minimize the consequences when you are found driving while suspended in Cherry Hill or elsewhere in South Jersey.  We know how important your driving privileges are, and we work tirelessly to make sure your driving privileges are restored as quickly as possible based upon the circumstances of your case.  Depending upon the facts of your case, there are numerous arguments that we can present to minimize the consequences of driving while suspended, which can include:

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At Gelman Law, LLC, we understand that a license suspension can have a detrimental impact on your life in many ways, impacting your freedom of movement, your family and your finances.  When you are found driving while suspended, those consequences can be magnified exponentially. Our experienced defense lawyer is here to help, so call or contact our office today for a free initial consultation to discuss options in your driving while suspended case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving While Suspended Charges in New Jersey

FAQ:  A $500 fine does not seem that significant and it seems unlikely that I’ll go to jail for a first offense.  Why do I need a lawyer if I was found driving while suspended for the first time?  

While $500 may not be significant to some people, it is also important to consider the extra points that will be added to your driving record simply for driving while suspended.  Those points will undoubtedly cause your car insurance premiums to rise—perhaps dramatically—for a much longer period of time after your driving privileges have been reinstated. Our skilled lawyer will fight to minimize the consequences for driving while suspended, especially if it was your first offense and you are facing lasting financial consequences.

FAQ: Is it mandatory that I go to jail if I was caught driving while suspended?  

In most cases, no.  However, if you were driving while suspended and involved in an accident that injured another person, the judge must sentence you to serve between 45 and 180 days in jail.  Importantly, it is not necessary that you caused the accident—the fact that you were driving while suspended is sufficient to trigger mandatory jail time. Further, the injury need not be particularly serious in order for the judge to order significant jail time.

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