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    Lawyers for Expungement of a Municipal Offense in South Jersey

    Reputable Defense Lawyers Help Clients Through the Complex Process for Expungement of a Municipal Offense in Camden County, Burlington County and Throughout New Jersey

    Clearing your record of a relatively minor municipal offense in South Jersey might seem like it should be simple.  New Jersey imposes detailed procedural requirements even for the expungement of a municipal offense. Failure to understand or properly comply with these requirements often causes unnecessary headaches, and, ultimately, the municipal offense can remain on your record.

    Are You Seeking To Expunge A Municipal Offense? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

    At Gelman Law, LLC, we put our significant legal experience to work advocating for your right to clear your record of municipal offenses in South Jersey.  We have the legal knowledge necessary to handle your municipal expungement correctly so that you can confidently apply for jobs, housing, and even bank loans.

    Municipal offenses are generally charged when someone violates New Jersey city or local ordinances, rather than state-level crimes.  Technically, a municipal offense “conviction” is not a criminal conviction. Regardless, the municipal offense will show up on a criminal background check.

    Your prior municipal offense should not have to haunt you forever.  If you would like to learn more about the rules for the expungement of a municipal offense in New Jersey, call our office or fill out this online contact form.  Our experienced lawyers are here to explain the requirements and handle the entire expungement process.

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    Expungement of a Municipal Offense in South Jersey

    Unlike more serious criminal charges, municipal offenses in New Jersey are more similar to a traffic ticket.  In many cases, a disorderly persons offense charge may be downgraded to a municipal offense based on the circumstances of the underlying conduct.  While many who plead guilty to municipal offenses may be relieved to escape more serious charges, the municipal offense violation can have consequences of its own—such as showing up on your criminal record during a routine background check.

    An expungement is the legal process for wiping your criminal record clean of certain types of criminal charges.  While not every criminal offense can be expunged, municipal violations are generally eligible for expungement if certain criteria are satisfied.  Common examples of municipal offenses include:

    Most municipal offenses are punishable by no more than 90 days in jail or a $200 fine.  The ongoing need to disclose the offense can often be much more of a punishment. To expunge a municipal offense in South Jersey, the following must be true:

    Expungement of a Municipal Offense in Burlington County, NJ Creates Important Benefits for Eligible Clients

    At Gelman Law, LLC, our knowledgeable lawyers and defense team are here to walk you through every step of expunging a municipal offense in South Jersey.   One of the first steps in the expungement of a municipal offense is getting a copy of the relevant court records (in municipal court terms, the “disposition”).  At Gelman Law, LLC, our expungement lawyers will:

    Although most municipal offenses are perceived as relatively minor violations, the stigma of a criminal record remains important to many.  Some of the benefits of successfully completing the expungement process include:

    Many expungement petitions created by someone without significant legal experience may be denied based on mistakes that may seem like minor technicalities.  Speaking with an experienced expungement lawyer can make the process go much more smoothly so that you can get your record cleared as soon as possible. 

    At Gelman Law, LLC, our success is based on hard work and dedication to effective, efficient client service.  We have the tools at our disposal to give you the fresh start you deserve through the New Jersey expungement process.

    Contact Our Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyers to Discuss Expungement of a Municipal Offense in Camden County, NJ

    At Gelman Law, LLC we know that anyone can find themselves in a situation where they may be charged with a municipal offense.  Our top-rated South Jersey expungement lawyers are available to explain the process and help you every step of the way.

    To explore your eligibility to have your municipal offense expunged from your criminal record, call today to speak with our experienced expungement lawyers in South Jersey.  You can also fill out this online contact form.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Expungement of a Municipal Offense in South Jersey

    What charges can be expunged?

    How do expungements work?

    Do I need an attorney for a record expungement?

    Can criminal records be expunged in multiple states?

    FAQ: How many times can I have a municipal offense expunged from my record in New Jersey?

    Unlike more serious offenses, there is no limit to the number of municipal offenses that you can have expunged from your record in New Jersey.

    FAQ: What happens after the process of expunging my municipal offense is complete? What happens to my records?

    The record of your municipal violation is cleared from your criminal record, but is not completely destroyed. It instead remains sealed in a file that can only be accessed by the authorities. Therefore, if you are ever prosecuted for a future crime, the judge may be able to access your prior municipal violation.

    FAQ: Will the underlying arrest for my municipal violation be taken off my record?

    Yes. Arrests for municipal violations are also eligible for expungement in New Jersey.

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