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    New Jersey Diversionary Programs

    Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Advocates for Application of Diversionary Programs as an Alternative to Formal Prosecution in Camden County and Across New Jersey 

    Everyone makes mistakes, and not every person who commits a crime for the first time deserves to face the often-harsh penalties imposed by the New Jersey criminal justice system.  The New Jersey justice system recognizes this, and thus has developed several different programs—referred to as “diversionary programs”—designed to divert eligible individuals away from prosecution at the criminal level into a program focused more strongly on rehabilitation.  Participation in a diversionary program can help eligible individuals avoid the long-term consequences of a formal criminal record, which can impact their ability to find jobs, housing, educational opportunities and even obtain government assistance.

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    Despite the availability of diversionary programs under New Jersey law, diversion into these programs in lieu of formal adjudication is not automatic even if you satisfy all of the criteria.  You need a skilled legal advocate on your side to negotiate with the prosecution and the courts on your behalf in order to gain admission to a diversionary program and avoid prosecution. If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense for the first time and would like to learn more about the benefits of New Jersey’s diversionary programs, call us today so that we can begin building your case.

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    Types of Diversionary Programs Available in New Jersey

    Diversionary programs in New Jersey essentially substitute a period of probation for criminal prosecution.  Upon successful completion of the relevant program, the charges against you will be dropped and you will face no further prosecution.  Under current law, three primary forms of diversionary programs exist for adults who have been accused of crimes in New Jersey. They include:

    Reputable Criminal Defense Lawyer David Gelman Dedicated to Exploring the Benefits of New Jersey Diversionary Programs for Eligible Clients

    Facing prosecution for a criminal offense can be a terrifying and stressful experience, especially if you have never before been accused of committing a crime.  The benefits of diversionary programs in New Jersey are numerous for first-time offenders. In addition to avoiding a permanent criminal record of your conviction, the programs offer:

    Eligibility to participate in one of New Jersey’s diversionary programs will depend upon a number of factors, including:

    Importantly, when evaluating whether participation in a diversionary program is the right choice for you, we must first examine the strength of the prosecution’s case and the available evidence.  If we have a strong case and it seems likely that you will be acquitted or the prosecution will drop the charges, immediate diversion into one of these programs may not be the best course of action because once you have participated, you will never be eligible again.  Our skilled lawyer will conduct a full review of your case and discuss all the available options, as well as their benefits and risks.

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    A diversionary program can spell the difference between walking away with a clean slate or being forced to disclose your criminal record at every turn in the road for a period that can last years.  Our skilled criminal defense lawyer believes that these programs can work in a wide array of circumstances and are dedicated to advocating for rehabilitation over punishment alone. If you would like to explore the possibility of entering a diversionary program, call or contact our office so that we can begin forming the strongest possible case for your admission today.

    Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Diversionary Programs Eligibility

    FAQ: What is the actual process for admission to a diversionary program in New Jersey?  

    The first step in the process is that you must plead guilty to the offense charged.  Despite this, upon completion, there will be no formal record of prosecution or conviction.  While the record of your arrest will remain, it can be expunged six months after your charges have been dismissed.  Our lawyer will handle the paperwork required to apply for admission to a diversionary program, and we can also handle the eventual expungement of your arrest once you have successfully completed the program.

    FAQ: What types of conditions will be imposed while I am participating in the diversionary program?  

    The conditions imposed may be specific to the crime involved.  Common conditions include random drug and alcohol testing, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, community service, payment of restitution, fees and other court fines.  You will, of course, also be required to refrain from engaging in any form of criminal activity in order to successfully complete the program.

    FAQ: What is pretrial intervention?

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