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Municipal Court Violations

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South Jersey Municipal Court Lawyer

Burlington County Municipal Court Lawyer Helps Clients Facing Traffic Tickets, DUI Offenses, and Disorderly Persons Offenses in Municipal Court

The court system of New Jersey handles most traffic violations and minor, non-violent offenses as disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons offenses. These offenses are usually resolved in the municipal court serving the town or city where you were ticketed or arrested. If you or a loved one have been charged with a disorderly persons offense or petty disorderly persons offense, having experienced legal representation at your side can put you in the best position to obtain the most favorable outcome for your charges. 

Facing A Municipal Court Violation And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

South Jersey municipal court criminal defense attorney David Gelman can provide you with the effective and outstanding legal advice that you need when facing disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons charges in municipal court in Burlington County. For years, David has practiced in the criminal justice system of New Jersey. David joined the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office in 2013 as a prosecutor, prosecuting and trying a wide variety of criminal and disorderly persons offenses. David ultimately left the prosecutor’s office, deciding to use the experience and knowledge he gained there to provide outstanding client service and legal representation to the people of Burlington County who face charges under New Jersey’s laws, including those facing disorderly persons offenses and petty disorderly persons offenses charges in municipal court. David’s dedication to outstanding service has led him to being named one of 2018’s top attorneys by SJ Magazine.

If you or a loved one are facing disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons charges in municipal court in Burlington County or elsewhere in South Jersey, contact David Gelman Law today to schedule a consultation to learn more about your legal rights and options for having your charged reduced or dismissed or obtaining an alternative disposition that can mean that you avoid conviction.

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List of New Jersey Disorderly Persons Offenses

Lewdness: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:14-4

Damage or removal of traffic signs and signals: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:17-3.1

Causing pecuniary loss of $500 or less: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:18-6

Disorderly conduct: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:33-2

Loitering to Obtain Controlled Dangerous Substance: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:33-2.1

Disrupting a Funeral: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:33-8.1

Unlawful Seizure of Possession of Real Property: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:33-11.1

Sale of Cigarettes to Persons under 19: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:33-13.1

Use of or possession with intent to use controlled dangerous substances: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:36-2

Shoplifting: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:20-11

Resisting Arrest: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:29-2

Criminal Mischief: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:17-3

Trespassing: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:18-3

Harassment: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:33-4

Obstruction: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:29-1

Hindering Apprehension: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:29-3

Possession of a Hypodermic Needle or Syringe: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:36-6

Prostitution: NJ Rev Stat s. 2C:34-1


Eluding a Police Officer





List of Important New Jersey Traffic Statutes

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-4 – Requirement to register motor vehicles

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-10 – Requirement to obtain driver’s license to operate motor vehicles on public roads

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-10.18 – Requirement to obtain commercial driver’s license to operate commercial vehicles

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-29 – Requirement to have license, registration, and insurance card in possession and exhibit upon request

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-38 – Prohibition on use of forged or counterfeit registration plates

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-40 – Penalties for driving with suspended license

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-44 – Prohibition on operation of unsafe or improperly equipped motor vehicle

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-47 – Requirement to have headlights and taillamps, and to use lighted lamps when required

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-67 – Requirement to have brakes functional to stop and hold vehicle in all situations

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-69 – Requirement to have functional horn or other audible warning device

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:3-76.2f – Seat belts required for all vehicle occupants

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-35 – Pedestrians’ right of way

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-48 – Requirement to obtain owner’s consent to use vehicle

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-49.1 – Prohibition on driving with drugs in vehicle

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-50 – Prohibition driving under the influence

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-50.2 – Implied consent to breath testing

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-51a – Prohibition on consumption of alcohol in vehicle

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-57 – Prohibition on failure to comply with police officer’s directions

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-82 – Requirement to keep to right on highway

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-85 – Prohibition on improper passing on highway

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-89 = Prohibition on following closely

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-90 – Requirement to yield right of way at intersections

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-92 – Requirement to yield right of way and clearance for emergency vehicles

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-96 – Prohibition on reckless driving

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-97 – Prohibition on careless driving

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-98 – Prohibition on speeding

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-126 – Requirement to signal turns

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-128.1 – Prohibition on passing stopped school bus

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-129 Prohibition on leaving the scene of an accident

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-135 Parallel parking requirements

NJ Rev Stat s. 39:4-138 Parking Prohibitions

39:5-35 Requirement to surrender suspended driver’s license

39:6B-2 Penalties for operating uninsured vehicle

New Jersey Point Schedule for Traffic Tickets

Two-Point Offenses:

Three-Point Offenses:

Four-Point Offenses: 

Five-Point Offenses: 

Eight-Point Offenses: 

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