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    Pemberton Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight to Obtain Not Guilty Verdicts for Clients in Pemberton, NJ

    If you are arrested and convicted of a crime in Pemberton, you may find that your life is turned upside down. You may face the possibility of prison time or monetary fines following a conviction. And even after you have completed your sentence, you may be saddled with a criminal record that can make it difficult for you to find education, employment, or housing for years to come. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in Pemberton, having the right lawyer on your side may be key to obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

    Facing Criminal Charges in Pemberton, NJ And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

    At Gelman Law, our criminal defense attorneys are ready to get to work defending your rights and interests. Our firm has a proven track-record of successfully advocating for our clients, securing favorable outcomes both at and before trial. Our primary goal is obtaining the best possible outcome under the circumstances of your case — sometimes this even means that having your charges reduced or even dropped. Our attorneys have the experience and expertise needed to improve your chances of a favorable outcome no matter what kind of criminal charges you may be facing.

    Don’t wait another day — our firm is ready to hit the ground running to develop an effective and successful legal strategy in your case. Contact Gelman Law today to schedule a no-cost, confidential consultation with our experienced Pemberton criminal defense lawyers.

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    Types of Criminal Cases We Handle At Gelman Law, LLC

    At Gelman Law, our experienced criminal defense attorneys have helped clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges. Some of the criminal charges that our attorneys regularly help clients defend against include:

    Our firm has extensive experience helping clients charged with eligible offenses obtain admission to one of New Jersey’s diversionary programs, such as drug court; successful completion of a diversionary program can help you resolve your charges without prosecution. We can also help you apply for expungement of arrest and conviction records of prior eligible New Jersey convictions.


    Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance


    Aggravated Assault


    Possession of Unlawful Weapon

    Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorneys Work to Achieve the Best Possible Results for Clients Facing Criminal Charges in Pemberton

    When you need to choose a criminal defense attorney, you know that experience matters. We have successfully helped clients across New Jersey obtain favorable outcomes in their criminal cases. We know that an effective legal defense requires seizing every opportunity to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and have charges reduced or dismissed. We fight to assert the rights of our clients by:

    Most importantly, we never push our clients to accept an outcome or pursue an option in their case unless we are confident that it will lead to the best possible outcome.

    Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Seasoned Pemberton Criminal Defense Attorneys at Gelman Law Today

    The hours following your arrest can mean the difference between a favorable outcome and a conviction. When you contact Gelman Law we get to work immediately, investigating the facts and circumstances of your case to uncover all the available evidence to build a persuasive defense and discover the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

    To learn more about how our firm can help you obtain the best possible outcome for your criminal charges, schedule a free consultation with the dedicated, knowledgeable Pemberton criminal defense attorneys at Gelman Law today.

    About Pemberton, NJ

    Pemberton is a township located in Burlington County, New Jersey. Named for James Pemberton, an early settler and property owner in the area, Pemberton was incorporated in 1846, formed from portions of New Hanover Township, Northampton Township (today known as Mount Holly Township), and Southampton Township. Portions of Pemberton were later taken to form Woodland Township in 1866. In 1996, Pemberton was selected to become one of 32 urban enterprise zones in New Jersey; in these zones, designed to encourage economic growth, shoppers can take advantage of half sales tax rates at eligible stores. Pemberton is also the home of the Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a hospital founded in 1922 that today focuses exclusively on cardiac, vascular, and lung disease.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Pemberton, NJ Criminal Defense

    FAQ: Do I have to go to trial in my case?

    The reality is that most criminal cases are resolved before trial. In some cases, it is possible to have criminal charges reduced in severity or even entirely dropped after your criminal defense lawyer uncovers evidence that demonstrates weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. In other cases, it may be possible to secure a plea agreement, in which you agree to plead guilty to certain offenses in exchange for the prosecution recommending a sentence that is typically significantly less that the maximum sentence that you might receive if you were convicted at trial. And finally in other cases it may be possible to obtain an alternative disposition for your criminal charges, such as admission to drug court.

    FAQ: What should I do if I am offered a plea deal?

    When you are facing criminal charges, it can seem like there is no hope for a favorable outcome. In those circumstances, a plea deal can appear very tempting. However, before accepting any plea agreement, it is important that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney can evaluate the evidence in your case, conduct an independent investigation for other evidence, and evaluate the plea deal you have been offered to give you honest advice as to whether the deal represents the best outcome you are likely to have in your case. In some cases, an attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution to obtain an even more favorable plea agreement.

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    Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapons

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    Possession Controlled Dangerous Substance

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