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Sex Crimes

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South Jersey Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney Fights to Safeguard Clients’ Rights for Sex Crime Cases in Camden County, Burlington County and Throughout NJ

If you have been arrested, charged or even investigated for committing a sex crime, going it alone is not a luxury that you can afford.  Even the mere allegation that you committed a sex crime can have a significant detrimental impact on your life, destroying both personal and professional relationships along with your good reputation.  A formal conviction can be even more devastating, especially if you are subject to sex offender registration requirements that can follow you around for years after you have completed your punishment, if not for life.

Facing Charges For A Sex Crime And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

At Gelman Law, LLC, we are deeply aware of the sensitive and emotional nature of these cases and our sex crimes defense team is committed to treating every one of our clients with the respect and empathy that they deserve.  Attorney David Gelman has substantial experience working as a former Burlington County prosecutor and knows how to fight sex offense cases head-on to protect your future. A skilled legal advocate is particularly important in sex crime cases, where a jury may simply not want to hear your side of the story.  We fight to gather every available piece of mitigating evidence to ensure that your legal rights are protected and to obtain the best possible outcome under the circumstances. As with most criminal charges, time is always of the essence in sex crime cases, so call us today so that we can begin identifying, obtaining and analyzing the evidence that will be necessary to build an effective defense.

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We Handle All Types of Sex Crime Cases in New Jersey

Our skilled and compassionate criminal defense lawyer handles all types of sex crime cases in Camden County and elsewhere in South Jersey, including those alleging:

Regardless of the specific crime alleged, all sex crimes carry potentially heavy jail sentences and the possibility of ongoing registration as a sex offender.  For example, criminal sexual contact in New Jersey, which is the unwanted touching of the alleged victim’s private areas or genitalia, is a fourth-degree crime punishable by 18 months in prison (or up to five years if aggravating factors are present).  Depending upon the circumstances, the court may impose sex offender registration requirements and even lifetime supervised parole. Aggravated sexual assault can lead to 25 years in prison and, in some cases, even a life sentence.

Additionally, the prosecution may attempt to “stack” multiple sex crimes into the same case, so that you could be facing even more extensive time in prison. Other charges may also be levied such as weapons charges, drug charges and restraining orders.

Why Choose Gelman Law, LLC to Advocate on Your Behalf in a Burlington County, NJ Sex Crimes Case?

At Gelman Law, LLC, we have the experience and dedication necessary to formulate a compelling defense in even the most difficult sex crime cases, and we are well-versed in the fine balance between aggressive advocacy and sensitivity that is required to succeed in cases involving sex crimes.  We consult with the foremost experts in the field to identify and analyze the relevant evidence in your case, including by consulting with forensic detectives, DNA experts and even private investigators.

We work with you throughout the entire criminal process, from arrest and arguing for bail through trial, and will advocate aggressively on your behalf regardless of the sex crime with which you have been charged.  We strenuously emphasize that there is no such thing as a “minor” sex crime—if you are facing any type of criminal charges involving a sex crime in New Jersey, it is vital to obtain experienced legal counsel as soon as possible.

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The bottom line is that sex crime cases are always complex and can be difficult to defend, making the advocacy of an experienced and trustworthy criminal defense lawyer a vital tool to mitigating or avoiding the substantial negative consequences of conviction.  Our results-driven sex crimes defense lawyer is here to answer any questions that you may have about options for building a defense in your case, so call or contact us today to schedule a completely confidential consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cases Involving Sex Crimes in New Jersey

FAQ:  When should I call a lawyer if I have been arrested or investigated for committing a sex crime in New Jersey?  

Immediately.  This point cannot be emphasized strongly enough.  You have the right to refrain from answering questions without a lawyer and asking to speak to a defense lawyer is in no way an admission of guilt—it is simply your legal right.  Even if you whole-heartedly believe that you are innocent and want to cooperate in law enforcement’s investigation into a sex crime, you should still speak to a lawyer first. This is because you have no way of knowing what type of evidence the prosecution has already obtained, and you could inadvertently make statements that could damage your case.

FAQ: What are “aggravating factors” and how might they be relevant in a sex crimes case?  

Aggravating factors are generally those circumstances that elevate the basic sex crime involved so that it becomes a more serious offense that is punishable by longer jail sentences and harsher penalties in general.  Examples of aggravating factors in a sex crimes case include situations where the alleged victim was younger than the relevant age of consent or circumstances where you were in some sort of position of power over the alleged victim (such as teacher-student relationships or familial relationships).  Possession of a weapon during commission of the sex crime alleged is also an important aggravating factor that can lead to harsher penalties.

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