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Traffic Tickets

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Traffic Ticket Lawyer South Jersey

Results-Driven Defense Lawyer Helps Clients Fight Traffic Tickets in Camden County, Burlington County and Elsewhere in New Jersey

A traffic violation—such as speeding or reckless driving—is technically a crime in New Jersey, and while you usually will not face harsh penalties such as jail time, getting a ticket can still have serious adverse consequences. You may be required to pay a steep fine, depending on the severity of the offense, and you will receive points on your license, which could result in a license suspension.  If you are either required to appear in court or choose to challenge the violation, you may also have to pay court fees and surcharges. Finally, your insurance premiums will almost always increase in proportion to the number of points on your driving record, which could put a serious strain on your finances.

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Despite this, receiving a traffic ticket does not mean that these negative consequences are inevitable.  At Gelman Law, LLC, our Cherry Hill traffic ticket lawyer can help fight a traffic violation in court. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to keep your driving record clean and avoid the other possible penalties as well.

South Jersey traffic ticket attorney David Gelman has former experience working as a county prosecutor as well as defending clients in court, so he understands how the New Jersey criminal justice system works. Using this experience, our team will examine your case  as well as explain all the available options for fighting a traffic violation, including building an effective defense strategy that could involve appearing in court to work to minimize the penalties you face. Call Gelman Law, LLC today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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Types of New Jersey Traffic Violations We Commonly Handle

In most cases, receiving a traffic citation is not the end of the world—you may even be able to pay your traffic ticket online without any need to appear in court. Despite this, even one speeding ticket can impact future and your finances, and multiple offenses can cause serious problems under the New Jersey point system. Therefore, you should always consult with a traffic ticket attorney to learn your options. Because we offer free initial consultations, you can get our initial legal opinion about the viability of challenging your traffic violation with no charge and no further obligation.


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Our law firm can assist you if you have received a ticket for any kind of traffic violation, including:

Experienced Cherry Hill Traffic Ticket Lawyer at Gelman Law, LLC Works Tirelessly to Minimize the Consequences of Your Traffic Violation

A speeding ticket or a citation for any kind of traffic violation can carry consequences that may impact your driving record, insurance premiums and your finances. Generally, the severity of these consequences depends upon the type of offense involved and your history of similar citations. Depending on the circumstances, potential consequences may include:

However, a traffic violation does not always have to lead to the potentially serious consequences that could apply in a worst-case scenario.  At Gelman Law, LLC, our Cherry Hill traffic violation lawyer is dedicated to our fight to help keep your record clean. 

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If you received a citation for speeding or for any other traffic violation, it is important to act quickly to protect your driving record and your finances. Call or contact our Cherry Hill criminal defense lawyer David Gelman today for a free initial consultation to discuss your rights and options for contesting a ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traffic Violations in New Jersey

FAQ: How can a traffic violation defense lawyer help in my case?  

Our skilled traffic violation lawyer can build a strong defense even if a radar gun was used to clock your speed by, for example, examining the maintenance history of the radar gun itself to determine whether any improprieties could have impacted the accuracy of the radar reading.  If the officer alleged that you ran a stop sign or a red light, we may be able to locate surveillance footage to show otherwise. We may also be able to argue for a reduction in the penalties—especially if multiple violations were cited during one stop.

FAQ: Are there any ways to get points removed from my driving record after being cited for a traffic violation, apart from the passage of time?  

Yes.  In New Jersey, you may be eligible to complete a driver improvement program, which can remove three points from your record, or you may be able to remove two points from your record every five years by taking an approved defensive driving course.

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