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Speeding Tickets

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South Jersey Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers

Seasoned Defense Lawyers Help Clients Fight Speeding Tickets in Camden County, Burlington County and Throughout New Jersey

Getting a speeding ticket at some point in life may seem inevitable.  Most drivers in New Jersey are inclined to simply pay their fee and move on.  Unfortunately, speeding tickets almost always have consequences that extend much further—not the least of which are increased insurance premium costs.  In some cases, a court appearance may even be mandatory depending upon the circumstances and how fast you were charged with driving.

At Gelman Law, LLC, our speeding ticket defense lawyers are committed to putting in the time and effort needed to obtain the most successful outcome possible in your case.  For many clients, even the thought of appearing in court is overwhelming. We seek to put you at ease by explaining what will happen and what could happen given the facts of your case.

Facing A Speeding Ticket And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened..

In speeding ticket defense cases, preparation is key.  Rather than encouraging our clients to simply accept their punishment, we build a defense strong enough to put the prosecution itself on the defensive—keeping in mind that every single point on your driving record matters.

In South Jersey, you have the right to fight your speeding charges even if you are not technically obligated to appear in court.  The benefits of getting a speeding ticket dropped are substantial. To learn more about how our speeding ticket defense lawyers in South Jersey can help, call our office or fill out this online contact form today.

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Tier-Based Penalty System for Speeding in Burlington County, NJ

The initial penalties for speeding in South Jersey may seem fairly minor.  Depending upon your speed, they can quickly become much more serious. Speeding penalties increase as the speed alleged increases, as follows:

Fines for speeding, however, are doubled if you are accused of driving at least 10 mph over a speed limit set at 65 or higher.  If your speeds were high enough, you may also face reckless driving charges, which carry five additional points and can result in a criminal conviction.

If you were required to appear in court for your speeding ticket and fail to appear, you will usually receive a notice from the court informing you of how to correct the failure.  However, the court also has the option of issuing a warrant for your arrest in lieu of offering a corrective solution. If you do receive a notice of your failure to appear and fail to comply with the court’s instructions, the court will almost certainly issue a warrant for your arrest.


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Why Retain an Experienced Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer to Help with Your South Jersey Charges?

Although speeding tickets may seem straightforward, complications can and do arise.  None of us know when our next traffic ticket might arise and keeping your driving record clean is important to avoiding unanticipated driving restrictions down the line.  In addition to points and fines, you may face the following as a result of speeding charges in South Jersey:

All too often, drivers try to defend speeding ticket charges on their own only to encounter complications that destroy their case.  New Jersey Municipal Court prosecutors and judges are extremely busy. Your speeding ticket case will almost always be handled quickly once you are before the judge—giving you little time to react or present a strong defense. 

At Gelman Law, we put our knowledge of the New Jersey legal system to work as soon as you retain our lawyers.  We understand the system and know which arguments will work and which will be ignored. Call our South Jersey speeding ticket defense lawyers to discuss options for your defense today.

Contact Our Skilled Camden County, NJ Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers to Discuss Options Today

Paying a lawyer to defend your speeding ticket may initially seem like a luxury you can’t afford.  When put into perspective, getting experienced legal help with your speeding ticket can create substantial savings in the long run—and can even protect your driving privileges. 

Speaking with an experienced speeding ticket defense lawyer is the first step to protecting your rights.  Schedule a free case review with our dedicated South Jersey speeding ticket defense lawyers today by calling our office or filling out this online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Defenses to Speeding in South Jersey

FAQ: What if I complete a driver improvement program and have points taken off my driving record? Will it be as though I never received the speeding ticket?

Yes and no. Having points removed from your record is valuable for a number of reasons, such as avoiding New Jersey financial penalties. However, insurance companies are not obligated to lower your insurance premiums if your driving record improves. Once your rates have increased, the insurance company may choose to continue charging you at the higher rate—because they already know that the speeding ticket happened.

FAQ: How do I know if I have to go to court for my speeding ticket?

If you look at your ticket, there should be a box on the lower left-hand side labeled “Court Appearance Required”. If the box is checked, you must appear in court.

FAQ: If I am required to go to court for my speeding ticket, do I have to get a defense lawyer?

No. You can appear on your own behalf in speeding ticket cases. However, having a skilled speeding ticket defense lawyer by your side greatly increases the chances that your case will be resolved in your favor—possibly even by getting your speeding charges dismissed.

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