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Results-Driven Criminal Defense Attorneys Help Clients Facing Criminal Charges in Barrington, NJ

If you are arrested for a crime in Barrington, your life can immediately be turned on its head. You may end up being detained in jail until your trial. If convicted, you could face prison time and monetary fines. And even after you serve your sentence, your criminal record can permanently damage your personal and professional relationships, making it difficult for you to obtain employment, education, or housing for the rest of your life. When you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it is critical to have the best criminal defense lawyer on your side to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in your criminal case.

Facing Criminal Charges In Barrington, NJ And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

At Gelman Law, our Barrington criminal defense lawyers are ready to fight to protect your rights when you have been accused of a crime. Our firm has successfully advocated on behalf of clients to obtain favorable results both inside and outside the courtroom. Our goal is to get you the best possible outcome in your case, which may even mean securing a not guilty verdict or having your charges reduced or dropped before trial. You can rest assured that we will never pressure you to accept a plea agreement simply to resolve your case — we only advise you to pursue options in your Barrington criminal case that will help you reach the best possible outcome. 

We have the experience and skills needed to help you get a better outcome in your case regardless of the type of charges involved. Our firm is ready to get started helping you build a strong and effective legal defense in your case. Contact Gelman Law today to schedule a no-cost, confidential consultation with our knowledgeable Barrington criminal defense attorneys today.

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Examples of Criminal Cases the Barrington Criminal Defense Lawyers at Gelman Law, LLC Handle

At Gelman Law, our experienced criminal defense lawyers have experience handling all types of criminal cases in Barrington, NJ. Some of the types of charges that we frequently handle include:

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Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance


Aggravated Assault


Possession of Unlawful Weapon

At Gelman Law, Our Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorneys Stand by Clients at Every Step of Criminal Process

When you need to choose a criminal defense lawyer, you need an attorney and law firm with experience and a track-record of success. At Gelman Law, we have helped numerous clients resolve their criminal charges. We are honored to have been recognized for our work, including being named as a 2018 Top Attorney by SJ Magazine

Our attorneys have experience helping at every stage of the criminal justice process, including: 

No matter what stage you are at in your criminal charges, if you contact our criminal defense attorneys here at Gelman Law we can quickly get to work investigating the facts of your criminal charges, identifying weaknesses in the state’s case, building a solid, persuasive legal defense, and negotiating to have your charges dismissed or reduced, or advocating to a jury or judge for a not guilty verdict. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, our Barrington criminal defense lawyers will identify the best possible outcomes for you under those circumstances and do whatever is necessary to help you achieve that outcome.

Contact Gelman Law Today to Schedule a Confidential Consultation with Our Experienced Barrington Criminal Defense Attorneys

When you are arrested for a crime, moving quickly may be critical to obtaining a favorable outcome to your criminal charges. That is why we begin our own investigation immediately and begin negotiating with the prosecution to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

Contact Gelman Law to schedule a free confidential consultation with our criminal defense attorneys to learn more about how we can help you face your criminal charges in Barrington, NJ.

About Barrington, NJ

Barrington is a borough located in Camden County, New Jersey. Barrington, established in the 1880s, was named by one of the community’s developers, William Simpson, who named the community for his hometown, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Barrington was later incorporated as a borough in 19717 from portions of Centre Township. Portions of the borough were later taken in 1926 to form Lawnside. Barrington was previously the headquarters of Edmund Scientific Corporation and is currently home to a manufacturing facility for the International Paper corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Criminal Defense in Barrington, NJ

FAQ: What effect does it have if I have a prior conviction on my record?

If you have prior convictions on your record, when you are convicted of a new criminal offense, the court will take your prior record into account when determining the severity of your sentence. New Jersey law provides for a range of penalties that can be applied depending on the type of crime. The law increases these penalties if a defendant has prior criminal convictions, especially if the defendant has been convicted for the same or similar offense in the past. As a result, it is important to have vigorous legal representation to make sure that your past record is accurately calculated and to minimize the consequences of your prior criminal record.

FAQ: Are convictions I had in other states a part of my criminal record in New Jersey?

Yes. Authorities in New Jersey have access to your criminal records from other states. As a result, courts will consider convictions you had in other states in determining the severity of your sentence if you are convicted of a new crime. Even if New Jersey doesn’t have criminal statutes that are exactly the same as the crimes you were convicted for in other states, the court will determine which New Jersey crime is most similar to your out-of-state offense.

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