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    One Second Can Change Everything: Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    One Second Can Change Everything: Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycles offer a thrilling and liberating experience on the road, but they also expose riders to unique risks. In just one second, a motorcycle accident can drastically alter a person’s life, leaving them with severe injuries and overwhelming financial burdens. In this article, we will explore the key factors contributing to motorcycle accidents, the common personal injuries riders face, and how an attorney can provide crucial assistance during these challenging times.

    I. Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents:

    Distracted Driving:

    One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is distracted driving. In a world where smartphones and other electronic devices are ubiquitous, drivers frequently neglect to pay attention to the presence of motorcyclists on the road. This lack of attention can lead to life-threatening collisions, as motorcycles are more challenging to spot than larger vehicles.

    Lane Splitting:

    Lane splitting, the practice of motorcycles passing between lanes of slow-moving or stopped traffic, is another common factor in accidents. Although lane splitting is legal in some states, it can be dangerous if not executed with caution, as drivers may not expect a motorcycle to be maneuvering between lanes.


    Excessive speeding and reckless driving are major contributors to motorcycle accidents. High speeds reduce a rider’s ability to react to sudden changes in traffic or road conditions, and the impact of a collision at high speed is significantly more severe, often resulting in catastrophic injuries.

    Alcohol and Drug Impairment:

    Operating a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a recipe for disaster. Impaired motorcyclists are at a greater risk of losing control of their bikes and causing serious accidents, endangering not only their lives but also those of others on the road.

    Vehicle Blind Spots:

    Motorcycles are small and can easily end up in a driver’s blind spot. When drivers fail to check their mirrors or perform proper shoulder checks, they may merge or change lanes, leading to collisions with motorcyclists.

    Failure to Yield Right of Way:

    Motorcycles are often overlooked by other drivers, leading to situations where the right of way is not respected, which can lead to serious injury and even wrongful death. Intersections, in particular, pose a significant risk, as cars turning left may fail to notice an oncoming motorcycle and collide with it.

    Road Hazards:

    Uneven road surfaces, potholes, debris, or slippery conditions can be hazardous for motorcyclists. A motorcyclist’s small profile makes them more susceptible to losing control and crashing when encountering road hazards.

    II. Leading Injuries After a Motorcycle Crash:

    • Head Injuries: Motorcycle accidents often result in head injuries, even if the rider is wearing a helmet. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have long-term consequences, affecting cognitive abilities, motor skills, and overall quality of life.
    • Road Rash: Road rash occurs when a motorcyclist’s skin scrapes against the road surface during an accident. It can range from minor abrasions to severe wounds requiring extensive medical treatment and skin grafts.
    • Bone Fractures: The impact of a motorcycle crash can lead to bone fractures, commonly in the arms, legs, and collarbones. Fractures may require surgery and lengthy recovery periods, impacting a rider’s ability to work and enjoy life. 
    • Spinal Cord Injuries: Severe motorcycle accidents can result in spinal cord injuries, causing partial or complete paralysis. These life-altering injuries demand ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, and specialized equipment.
    • Internal Organ Damage: The impact of a collision can cause internal organ damage, which may not always be immediately apparent. Internal injuries can be life-threatening if not promptly diagnosed and treated.

    III. Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident:

    If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident due to another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, compensation may cover:

    1. Medical Expenses: This includes all medical costs related to the treatment of injuries sustained in the accident, such as hospital bills, surgeries, medication, and rehabilitation

    2. Lost Wages: If your injuries prevent you from working, you may be compensated for the income lost during your recovery period

    3. Pain and Suffering: Non-economic damages, such as physical pain, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life, may also be considered for compensation

    4. Property Damage: Compensation for damage to your motorcycle or other personal property involved in the accident

    IV. When Should I Hire An Attorney?

    • Liability Disputes: Insurance companies may try to shift blame to reduce payouts. An attorney can gather evidence to establish liability and protect your rights.
    • Catastrophic Injuries Occur: Severe injuries may result in long-term medical care and emotional distress. An attorney can help maximize the compensation you deserve.
    • Insurance Companies Offering Low Settlements: Insurance adjusters may pressure victims to accept inadequate settlements. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf for a fair settlement.
    • Wrongful Death Involved: In cases of fatal motorcycle accidents, surviving family members may pursue a wrongful death claim. An attorney can provide compassionate support while pursuing justice.

    Key Takeaway:

    Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic, leading to life-changing injuries and financial hardships. By understanding the leading causes of these accidents and the options for seeking compensation, riders can take steps to protect themselves on the road. If you or a loved one has experienced a motorcycle accident in New Jersey due to someone else’s negligence, it’s essential to consult a qualified motorcycle attorney who can protect your rights and help you on the road to recovery. Remember, one second can change everything, but with the right support, you can navigate the aftermath and seek the justice and compensation you deserve.

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