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How to Sue for a Slip and Fall Accident in a Supermarket

How to Sue for a Slip and Fall Accident in a Supermarket

The supermarket may be just another stop in your busy day. However, some people may not realize that the supermarket can pose a few risks. While grocery shopping may be a necessity, it’s also important to know what to do if you suffer a slip and fall accident while shopping in one.

Common Causes of Supermarket Slip and Fall Accidents

Here are some of the most common causes of supermarket slip and fall accidents:

  • Slippery floors: Slippery floors can lead customers to slip and fall. A slippery floor may be from winter weather or recent spills that weren’t cleaned up in a timely manner.
  • Items: Some customers may injure themselves while reaching up high for a heavy item when that item falls on them.
  • Parking lot accidents: A parking lot accident occurs when someone is taking their cart back to their vehicle and they’re hit by another driver.
  • Floor hazards: Floor hazards, like shelves, can pose a risk to customers if they’re not in a safe location.

When employees don’t properly salt the sidewalks or stock shelves in a safe way, it can lead customers to be injured.

Proving Negligence in a Supermarket Slip and Fall Accident

New Jersey requires all property owners to provide customers with a safe place to visit, including supermarket owners. This includes things like maintaining the building and property, promptly taking care of known risks, and training staff properly. It also means taking responsibility when a customer is injured.

Some injuries in a supermarket may be due to negligence. Negligence occurs when a customer is injured due to the property owner’s lack of doing something. This may include the property owner not repairing a part of the flooring they know is dangerous or not training staff properly on how to stock shelves.

If you’re injured while visiting a supermarket, your case may require that you prove negligence occurred. This includes building a case with evidence that shows the property owner was aware of the risk, and yet did nothing to remove it. Common pieces of evidence may include photographs of the site, video footage of the accident, witness statements, or medical records.

How to Recover Compensation Following a Supermarket Accident

If you’re injured while visiting a supermarket, you may be wondering who is responsible for the costs you incur. Financial obligation depends on the details of the accident, but if the property owner was negligent, they may also be responsible for your damages. This may include costs like medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering. The first thing to do following a supermarket accident is to receive medical care. The next is to discuss your legal options with a personal injury lawyer.

Remember New Jersey Has a Statute of Limitations

While your priority should always be on your safety and wellbeing, it’s important to remember that New Jersey does have a statute of limitations. This is a time limit on how long you have to file a lawsuit. New Jersey limits personal injury cases to just two years from the date of the initial injury.

Contact a Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Slip And Fall Injury Case in New Jersey

Did you or a loved one sustain serious injuries due to a slip and fall injury in New Jersey? Don’t let the medical bills pile up while you wait for the negligent party or their insurance company to do the right thing. Right now, you need an aggressive personal injury attorney on your side, fighting to get you the compensation you need, want, and deserve. The skilled attorneys at Gelman Law represent clients injured because of a slip and fall accident or injury in Cherry Hill, Hamilton, Neptune, Collingswood, and throughout New Jersey. Call 856-861-4236 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation about your case. We have an office conveniently located at 850 Rt 70 West Cherry Hill, NJ 08002.

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