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Credit Card Fraud in NJ

credit card fraud njHave you ever used someone else’s credit or debit card to make a purchase? While this action is fairly common in 2020, it can be considered a crime if you make an unauthorized purchase on it.

In the past, credit card fraud usually meant physically taking someone else’s card. In today’s world, hackers can simply use your credit card details to make purchases while you still have the card in your possession.

If you’ve been charged with credit card fraud in New Jersey, then it’s important to know the different forms of credit card fraud and the potential penalties you could face. Learn everything you need to know about credit card fraud in NJ below.

Types of Credit Card Fraud in NJ

Credit card fraud is a very general term that describes any action of illegally taking someone else’s information to make a purchase. The intent behind this action is to get the item for free while charging someone else’s account. Here are some of the most common types of credit card fraud in 2020:

  • Identity theft (through hacking)
  • Theft of a card
  • Altering a credit card’s limits without authorization
  • Using false statements to obtain a credit card
  • Internet theft
  • Skimming (using electronic devices to steal credit card information)
  • Copying sales receipts
  • Hijacking someone’s account

Whether you used details you found online or physically took a card, you could still get charged with a crime.

Penalties for Credit Card Fraud in NJ

The penalties for committing this type of crime in New Jersey are substantial. Depending on the severity of the offense, you could be charged with either a third-degree or fourth-degree offense. Here’s what could happen if you’re found guilty:

  • Third-degree: Up to five years in prison and fines up to $15,000
  • Fourth-degree: Up to 18 months in jail and fines up to $10,000

To avoid these penalties, you’ll need to construct a solid defense strategy. Some of the most common defenses include a lack of intent, the argument that you didn’t commit the crime and that you actually had permission to have and use the card from the card’s owner. A criminal defense attorney can help you determine which defense strategy will work best depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

Contact an Experienced Cherry Hill Criminal Defense Lawyer About Your Credit Card Fraud Charges in Cherry Hill

Were you arrested or charged with credit card fraud in New Jersey? The consequences of a conviction could be severe, leaving you with a permanent criminal record and possibly even sending you to jail. That is why you need to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible about your case. Gelman Law, LLC, has successfully represented clients charged with credit card fraud in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Mercer Counties, and throughout New Jersey. Call 856-861-4236 or fill out the online contact form to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team. We have an office conveniently located at 1940 Rt. 70 East, Suite 4, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003.

The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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