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Are New Jersey Jails Releasing Inmates?

criminal defense lawyer cherry hill njIf you’re a New Jersey resident, then you’re likely sitting at home throughout this crisis. The governor of our state has ordered everyone to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to get out.

You’ve likely learned first-hand how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting schools, businesses and even grocery shelves. What you may not know, though, is that the virus is also impacting jails. Just recently, over 1,000 inmates were released from jails across the state.

Why the Coronavirus Pandemic is Impacting Jails

How does releasing inmates from jail help prevent the spread of coronavirus? According to lawmakers and law enforcement agencies, a virus like Covid-19 could quickly spread throughout jails due to the confinement of being imprisoned. If an outbreak occurred behind bars, then it wouldn’t take long for correctional officers and jail staff to become infected, too. This type of situation could become disastrous very fast.

On top of the threat to staff and current inmates, there would likely be an influx of medical patients on an already overwhelmed health care system. A prison outbreak would cause the virus to spread at lightning speed, and the prison system already struggles to provide adequate health care to inmates without the added threat of Covid-19.
The only people eligible for release are those who pose little threat to the community.

Is Your Loved One Eligible for Release?

The most vulnerable inmates are those who are elderly, have pre-existing conditions or suffer from asthma. These individuals are more likely to experience the most severe side-effects from Covid-19. For that reason, these inmates are more likely to be released.

If your loved one is currently imprisoned, then they might be eligible to serve out their sentence at home until the crisis passes. Those who are eligible include low-level offenders, those awaiting trial for nonviolent offenses, those who are in jail for parole violations and individuals accused of petty crimes like shoplifting or a DUI. Individuals may be more likely to secure a release if they can prove they’re not a danger to the community. Reach out to our office now to learn more about your loved one’s options.

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