What Sorts of Crimes Can Lead to Losing My Gun Ownership in New Jersey?

What Crimes Lead to Losing My Gun Ownership in New Jersey?

If you were recently convicted of a crime, there are many different rights that you might fear you will lose in the near future. One of these common concerns is the loss of your rights to possess a firearm. There are specific crimes that can result in you losing your gun possession rights, so it would be beneficial to know which crimes these are in New Jersey.

What Are the Federal and State Laws for Gun Ownership Loss?

  • Federal. It is a federal crime to possess a firearm if you have been convicted of a felony crime. However, there is an exception that can restore your gun rights if you have had your record expunged in New Jersey. This exception automatically applies unless the state that convicted you has specifically prohibited your firearm right restoration.
  • Domestic violence. New Jersey defines domestic violence more generally than federal law. The state not only refers to violent actions in domestic situations (assault, homicide, kidnapping, criminal restraint or sexual contact), but it also includes other non-violent actions. These include criminal mischief, burglary, harassment and stalking.

The key factor in New Jersey firearm laws, compared to other states, is that the state law does not have any provision that disallows the restoration of gun rights if you have had your record expunged, even if the crime was violent. If you are facing a weapons charge in New Jersey, then you should consider hiring an experienced criminal law attorney. Contact Gelman Law, LLC today to speak with someone about your gun rights in New Jersey.