What Criminal Charges Do I Face for Prescription Drug Possession?

What Kind of Criminal Offense Is a Prescription Drug Possession?

The abuse of prescription drugs has been at an all-time high for recent years, and local and federal law enforcement view it as a high priority. Prescription drug overdose is a leading case of accidental death in our country, so law officials are taking prescription drug crimes very seriously. If you are ever charged with a prescription drug offense, you could be facing severe consequences as the police and law courts try to prevent the same mistakes from occurring over and over again.

What Are the Common Prescription Drug Criminal Charges?

There are various ways that prescription drugs can get you into trouble with the law. Even if the prescription is yours, you could still face charges if law enforcement believe that you handled the drugs unlawfully. Some common prescription drug crimes could be:

  • Possessing a prescription drug without a legitimate prescription
  • Obtaining prescription drugs fraudulently
  • Forging a prescription signature
  • Selling prescription drugs, even if the original prescription was yours
  • Driving under the influence of prescription drugs
  • Doctor shopping, which is going to multiple physicians to get multiple prescriptions

It is difficult to identify a prescription drug crime for law enforcement because they don’t have the initial right to determine of you legally need your pills or not. This type of drug crime can be hard to handle in criminal court, which is why you should definitely hire a criminal defense attorney who knows how to defend you and can help minimize your penalties. Contact Gelman Law, LLC today if you have been recently charged with possession of controlled substances in New Jersey.