What Are Crime Guns and How Are They Being Monitored in New Jersey?

How Are Crime Guns Being Monitored in New Jersey?

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In recent news, New Jersey’s Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has ordered all local and state law enforcement to provide information on the buyers and sellers of guns that were used in crimes. The state’s law enforcement agencies have been required to record and trace all crime guns in New Jersey, but now they are also required to share the results of these records for guns coming from other states.

Why Is Crime Gun Data Being Traced in New Jersey?

At a gun violence and gun control event in May 2018, Gov. Phil Murphy reported that more than two thirds of the guns used in crimes so far this year had come into New Jersey from other states. Murphy further expressed the need to crack down on gun trafficking, and he was willing to dispatch his gun violence adviser to other states to lobby them to improve their gun regulations.

Murphy’s news conference in May, along with Attorney General Grewal’s new order on crime guns, confirm the state’s issue: most gun crime in New Jersey is committed with a weapon originally bought out of state. According to Murphy’s statistics, most of the state’s crime guns originate in Pennsylvania. Most of the others come from the iron pipeline of states off the Interstate 95 corridor with less strict gun laws than New Jersey.

With this new information sharing requirement, law enforcement will be able to spot criminal patterns easier across jurisdictional lines. It will also help police in the state since there are hundreds of municipalities, and detectives from different agencies investigating the same guns or criminals will now have the accurate information.

New Jersey has one of the strictest gun laws in the country. If you are found in illegal possession of a firearm in this state, you could face heavy fines and prison time. This is why it’s vital to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can defend you throughout the process if you are charged. Contact Gelman Law, LLC today to request a consultation.