Six Litigation Scenarios Where You Need a Business Attorney

Six Business Litigation Scenarios Where You Need a Business Attorney

Call our New Jersey business attorney for helpYour business is your livelihood, so it is important to defend it from legal threats that could jeopardize its future. Certain disputes or problems could even lead to your business winding up in court unless you take swift action. These are situations where you should consider hiring an attorney to help you resolve the crisis. Business litigation scenarios where you should hire an attorney include:

  1. Claims are filed against your business: An attorney could defend your interests if competitors, clients or other businesses file a lawsuit against your company. For instance, an attorney could help if you are being accused of violating a contract.
  2. A breach of contract occurs: If a breach of contract results in your company suffering damages, then you should work quickly to hire an attorney.
  3. Intellectual property is stolen: You should consult with an attorney if former employees, competitors or other parties steal intellectual property or trade secrets from your business.
  4. You have a dispute with partners: An attorney could help with certain types of partnership disputes. For instance, if a partner stole intellectual property from your company or violated the terms of a contract.
  5. Employees make claims against you: Former or current employees could make damaging claims against your company. An example could be if a former employee claims a senior manager at your company is guilty of harassment or discrimination. Employment law disputes are a common reason why businesses hire attorneys.
  6. You have a real-estate dispute: An attorney could help with issues involving business real-estate contracts, tenant nonpayment, sale transactions or boundary disputes.

These are only a handful of scenarios where a business attorney’s skills could be needed. Your business is your livelihood, so it is important to ensure it is protected from worst-case scenarios. New Jersey business law attorney David Gelman can help you find strategies for achieving the best possible outcome if your business is involved in a legal dispute.