Is NHTSA’s New Traffic Campaign for New Jersey Helping to Stop DUI Arrests?

Is NHTSA’s Traffic Campaign for New Jersey Stopping DUI Arrests?

Besides the famous and successful “Drive Sober, Get Pulled Over” campaign that is currently running in New Jersey, there’s another traffic campaign that’s taking a hold on the public. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to add another component to their regional campaign with a focus on drug impaired driving.

What Is NHTSA’s New Traffic Campaign for New Jersey?

The new campaign goes by the message: “If you feel different, you drive different. If you drive high, you get a DUI.” In the state of New Jersey, about a third of car accident fatalities involve drinking and driving, but with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in nearby states there are concerns of an increase in drug-impaired driving.

In the past several years, there has been a dramatic increase in marijuana users on the road. According to a study from the NHTSA, 42 percent of drivers that were killed in car accidents tested positive for an impairing drug. These drugs could include, marijuana, opioids, or even meth and prescription drugs. No matter what kind of drug it is, the state wants the public to be informed that it’s still against the law to drive while drug-impaired.

The campaign details that there will be a sharp increase in law enforcement on the highways to help enforce the new message to be a responsible driver. New Jersey officials hope that the presence of high-visibility and enhanced law enforcement will drive home the message. Local authorities are also asking people who see someone driving irregularly or erratically to dial #77 for an official report.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in New Jersey, or if you have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, you should understand the current state laws that could be for and against you. Contact Gelman Law LLC today for more information.