What Could Happen if I Am Convicted of an Indictable Offense?

What if I'm Convicted of an Indictable Offense in New Jersey?

Could I be charged with an indictable offense?New Jersey classifies crimes differently than other states. In our state, what would typically be called a felony is instead defined as an “indictable offense.” While the names might be different, the potential criminal and life consequences could be similar if you are convicted. The period of incarceration, fines and other criminal consequences can vary depending on the crime. However, the potential life consequences are similar to what you might have experienced if you had been convicted of a felony in another state. These consequences may include:

  • Difficulty finding employment: Any type of criminal conviction can make it more challenging to find employment. Being convicted of a serious crime can make it even more difficult to find a job. Certain types of employers may refuse to extend job offers.
  • Difficulty finding housing: A landlord may use your criminal conviction to keep you from renting property. Apartment complexes may not allow you to sign leases if you have been convicted of certain crimes.
  • Revocation or denial of professional licenses: A conviction could affect your ability to obtain or retain certain professional licenses. In New Jersey, you cannot obtain a real-estate license if you were convicted of certain types of theft offenses within five-years of submitting your application.
  • Loss of voting rights: You could temporarily lose your right to vote in New Jersey after an indictable offence conviction.

Do I Need an Attorney if I Am Arrested in New Jersey?

These are only a few common consequences that may be experienced by individuals who have been convicted of indictable offenses (felonies). You should always speak to an attorney after being arrested and charged with any type of crime. Depending on the circumstances, it might be possible for an attorney to argue for a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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