Getting a Record Expungement in New Jersey

Understand Your Record Expungement in New Jersey

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In October 2017, a new expungement law went into full effect for the state of New Jersey. Now, criminal charges can be wiped off a person’s record quicker and easier. SB 3307 reduced the waiting period for eligibility for expungement, as well as increase the number of convictions someone can expunge at a given time.

SB 3308 also passed that shortened the expungement time for young adults with juvenile records. That waiting period has now been shortened from five years to three.

What Else Does Bill S-3307 Change for Expungement in New Jersey?

There were several important changes made to adult criminal records expungements in New Jersey. These include:

  • Reduced waiting period. The waiting period is now shortened from 10 years to 6 years for a felony expungement for indictable convictions. Individuals are still able to apply for an “early pathway” expungement after 5 years.
  • Increased number of convictions that can be expunged. If you have not been convicted of a felony, S-3307 increases the number or petty or disorderly convictions that can be expunged from three to four. If you have been convicted of a felony, the new law increased the number from two to three.
  • Elimination of the “PTI” bar. Under the previous law for New Jersey expungements, individuals who were convicted of a felony dismissed pursuant to Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) were prohibited from expunging any prior or ensuing misdemeanor or felony convictions. This barrier is no longer in effect.
  • Changes to restitution. S-3307 allows individuals under the six-year requirement who owe fines or restitution to still be eligible for expungement. This is only if the court provides for the rest of the collected fines and/or restitution, or if the court enters a civil judgment for the outstanding amount.
  • Crime spree expungements allowed. Under New Jersey’s previous law, someone could only expunge one felony conviction. S-3307 permits the expungement of more than one felony conviction if they are listed in a single conviction judgment, or they are interdependent or circumstantially similar as part of a sequence of events in a short period of time. 

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