What Are Common Mistakes After a DWI Arrest?

What Are the Most Common Mistakes After a DWI Arrest?

Arrested for DWI? Call our attorney for help.A DWI charge should always be taken very seriously. Not only could you face jail time, community service and fines, a DWI could affect your life in other ways. Certain types of jobs will not hire you if you were convicted of a serious traffic offense. There could be professional ramifications. Your auto insurance rates would also increase.

After a DWI arrest, there are certain mistakes that can make your situation even worse. Mistakes after a DWI arrest may include:

  • Assuming you are automatically guilty: Never assume that you are automatically guilty just because you are being charged with a DWI. Even if your breath test came back with a BAC of .08 of more, it does not mean you guilty. Breath, blood and field sobriety tests may produce inaccurate results that can sometimes be challenged. There are constitutional and scientific challenges to DWI offenses, so it might be possible for an attorney to contest other factors specific to your case.
  • Waiting to hire a DWI attorney: The sooner you hire an attorney, the more likely they can preserve evidence that could help create a strong defense strategy.
  • Not hiring an attorney: Your chances of fighting a DWI plummet without the help of an attorney. For example, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can advise you on which courses of action you could take to improve your chances of fighting a DWI. Serving as your own legal counsel may increase the odds of making irreversible mistakes.
  • Speaking with the police or a prosecutor: If placed under arrest, you could cause yourself trouble by speaking to the police or prosecutor without an attorney. You could ask for an attorney instead of answering questions.

Do I Need a New Jersey DWI Lawyer?

An attorney can advise you on which mistakes to avoid after your arrest. Remember, an attorney is charged with defending your legal rights. If you make mistakes after your arrest, it could hurt your ability to fight the DWI. The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner they can begin laying the foundation for your legal defense.

Cherry Hill DWI defense lawyer David Gelman could help you determine the best course of action for your case. For a consultation explaining your rights and possible legal options, please call (856) 433-1818 or use or online case review form.